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Diminutive in cost but huge on functionality! Choose from one of our amazing Applings Framework apps for your small to medium business and pay only a fraction of the cost of custom app development. Highly customizable to your brand within an ever expanding framework of functionality. With monthly fees almost as low as hosting a website, you not only have your app hosted properly, we also ensure that your app is kept future-proof. New operating systems and platform changes are an ongoing concern for app owners. With our framework apps, that is all taken care of for you!

Packed with powerful features designed specifically for small business, your app also comes with a powerful dashboard back end enabling you to make changes on the fly with drag and drop simplicity and have them go live in the app in real time. The app dashboard also acts as an analytics tool enabling the app owner to accurately study what impact the app is having on business.

Whether you are a restaurant wanting to do food deliveries in a tracked environment or a church wanting to communicate more effectively with your congregation, Framework Apps are quick to deploy, simple to maintain, and very easy on the budget

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Custom App Development

If you require something not covered by our Framework Apps, we are well poised to develop custom mobile and web apps and always employ nothing but best practice development standards. Whether your brand requires full blown Augmented Reality or you simply want to know where your forklift is in your factory, our skillset and experience encompasses dozens of verticals and all our development is done on sound BEF (Business Efficiency First) and MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development principles. We analyse and study your business and it's processes before we even think of getting to a quote. If we can't be Appsolutely certain that your development is of true value to your business and it's customers, then we simply won't even attempt development. Quality and longevity is what we are all about!

Mcommerce apps

Mobile Commerce has overtaken desktop shopping by far

Fueled by newer technologies and partly by the worldwide pandemic, we have seen mobile commerce overtake traditional online shopping and the race is now on for a coveted tiny but powerfully profitable spot on your client's homescreens. Analysts are predicting that spend for spend, it is the single most valuable real estate your business will ever invest in...that little 1/4 x 1/4 inch icon bearing your company's branding resident where it matters most...on their mobile homescreen. No tapping a third party app to see your competitor's offers, no getting sidetracked by search engines, just straight into your mobile store, one tap of the screen only!

mCommerce Linked

You currently have your own online shop with one of the major shopping carts such as Shopify, Magento etc. Typically you use postal or courier delivery services to deliver goods within a few days and do not necessarily employ your own delivery staff which need to be tracked. You would still use your existing shop back end to manage orders.

mCommerce Tracked

Is a powerful system which actually includes 3 apps. One client facing app, one driver app, and one desktop based management and tracking app. This suits the likes of grocery shops that do same day deliveries and has also been used to huge success by pharmacies, hardware stores and grocers. Single store, multi branch or even multi tenant options are available

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Restaurant Owners

There has never been a better time to own your own dedicated mobile app...
Don't hand your give away your hard earned profits to third party delivery companies!


Introducing eFood. 

eFood is a Multi Branch supported food delivery app and back end restaurant management system that comes with both the customer app and delivery staff app. With this powerful system, you will get a full stack admin panel built with Laravel Framework that will help you manage the whole system with one click simplicity. Keep your finger on the pulse during these trying pandemic-stricken times. Restaurant and take-away owners are discovering world over that a dedicated mobile app simply can not be beaten when it comes to customer loyalty, increased bankable revenue and keeping all the profits in-house sure goes a long way to counteracting the devastating effect of Covid. Don't give most of your profit away to delivery agents who's apps are also full of competitive offers.

A fraction of the cost of custom app development

A food delivery app built with Flutter. That means it is available on all platforms, Android, iOS and also includes a slick web app interface for those chained to a desktop.

Fully Customized Mobile & Web Apps

All sites you create with the Mobirise web builder are mobile-friendly natively. No special actions required.

Full access

We give our clients the source code. If you are so inclined, feel free to change whatever you would like, or have us do it for you

saddleback Mountain, home of Appsolutely
Nestled in the Cradle of Humankind...

As a family run digital agency and mobile app developers, we find ourselves located in what would seem a very out of the way locale: At the foot of the famed Saddle Mountain and right on the banks of the Crocodile River, at the very gateway to the Cradle of Humankind, South Africa. A mere 40 minutes from Johannesburg, but decidedly out in the country, life happens at an entirely different pace. The air is charged with negative ions, making our core team members hyper creative and super chilled. If you can't raise us on the phone on a given day, we will never own up to whether it was the country lines being down or we were just lost in the beauty and creativity of it all. As with any agency, email is always going to be the best way to get hold of us, but we certainly do answer the phones when they work!

Originally founded in Auckland, New Zealand, our core family team is backed up by development staff and outsource partners locally, in India, Ukraine, New Zealand and the USA and we have worked hand in hand with the world's biggest brands as well as hundreds of small businesses over the years and have vast creative, programming and most importantly marketing experience.

We are all about making your brand grow exponentially. Whether you are a multi national or a corner take away, we have the right experience across dozens of verticals to know what does and what doesn't work online for your type of business  before we even start


Some of the brands we have worked with over the years

Wall Street Journal
Burger King
Air NZ
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A digital agency and mobile app studio based in the Cradle of Humankind, South Africa. Custom software development with a flair for all things Open Source is how we roll!