Actual clients

These are some of the pearls that we have collected over the years as well as some other funnies we will add to over time. How we are still in the game....who knows? We must really love it!

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  • What? Do I have to pay you? I thought you are called a freelancer because you work for free.
  • I want a site like Facebook, just better.
  • I've found a really nice-looking font I want to use, it's called Comic Sans.
  • Why would I pay you so much? My nephew can use Paint too.
  • I've sent you the pictures I need published in the attached Word document.
  • Just use the images from my competitor's website.
  • C'mon it's easy, you just press two buttons!
  • Could you reinstall Windows for me tomorrow?
  • I really like that color but could you change it?
  • I just want it to be cheap, good and it's really urgent.
  • I want it in yellow with purple lines because my mother has curtains of the same color.
  • You were right, I just forgot to refresh the page.
  • What do we need a contract for?
  • I know a lot about "MHTL" so don't try to tell me it's hard.
  • I will know what I want when I see it.
  • That just doesn't look "Premium".
  • I printed it out but the animated gif isn't moving.
  • Can you change it for something better?
  • If you do this for me for free I will tell all my friends about you and you can add it to your portfolio. It will get you a lot of business.
  • You can make me 5-6 designs and I'll just pick one.
  • I don't have too much money for this. Can I offer you a discount card for my store instead?

If We Had A Buck For Every Time...

7 Perpendicular Red Lines! aka everyday life as a developer

Clients From Hell

Clients from hell is a popular YouTube channel that makes light of the sometimes very difficult gap that exists between client expectation and what is feasible on a given budget...or as this video showcases, even remotely possible!


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