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SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is more commonly known by its acronym ” SEM “. Things sure have changed over the years, but SEM still remains the biggest driver of new online business for the time being. Social media, having a winning mobile app and other online activities can and do drive new business, but they are tools best viewed for now as excellent client engagement and retention tools. If you want to drive new business however, SEM simply cannot be beaten. Simply put, it is one of the most effective ways to grow your business online and to promote your products.

Search Engine Marketing
Pay Per Click Optimization
Hyperlocal is where it is at. Period

If you have a physical location and need more foot traffic, Hyperlocal Marketing is a method of marketing that focuses on a targeted audience within a local area. This tactic zeroes in on a small number of consumers who want to buy from businesses near them.

Hyperlocal marketing accomplishes one main goal: raising foot traffic to a store's physical location for people who rely on "near me" queries for shopping.

For example, if one wanted to find a coffee shop in an area, one would typically search "coffee shops near me" to figure out where the nearest one is. Any coffee shops that has tactics using hyperlocal marketing as a strategy would then pop up on the results page. Our clients are seeing massive gains by using this simple strategy.

eMail Marketing

The verdict is out!!! Email marketing still rules the online marketing world. Studies have revealed that an email subscriber is worth 15 times more than the social media follower or fan and this is true for a very simple reason...you own it!

A person subscribing to your email list gave you permission to email him or her at anytime and is more likely to see and engage with your message whereas your marketing message on social media networks is more likely to be lost in the feed of other people and marketers vying to get your target person’s attention.
According to online marketing guru Nathan Barry, “An Email subscriber is worth 15x as much as a Twitter follower.” 

eMail Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social media is a key player in customer retention

Social media, for any business, is a tool for becoming more consumer-centric; and keeping existing customers happy is at least, if not more, as important as finding new ones. Social media is a game of customer retention through customer engagement.

Up until this point in time, media in the modern era has lacked an element of two-way engagement.
Previously, the consumer had to take long, arduous channels of communication to the company; it was easier not to communicate at all. Many don’t see it this way, but the...

Social Media Marketing
Pay Per Click Optimization
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

Pay per click, the highly targetable ad model that allows you to pay for performance. Carefully crafted campaigns are a surefire way of retaining an immediate ROI, as you pay for tangible clicks and not merely views.

The power of PPC lies in it’s customizability. Affording advertisers a careful analysis of online trends and the integration of market research tools, PPC has, over two short decades, become one of the loudest, most visible and most effective ad models today, with customers clicking through a Google ad being 50 percent more likely to make the...

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