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A Mobile and Web App Framework Designed For Churches With Drag & Drop User Editing

Live Streaming

Stream your sermons (or any event or any other broadast) live over the app. Pre-record events and schedule the stream to build up a historical library of streams

Native Mobile & Web App

Your church app available on iOS, Android and as a PWA (Progressive Web App) meaning it is available to any device no matter how old including desktop.

In-App Bible Study

Choose your congregation's preferred translation and easily configure specific bible studies. For eg, bible in a year or a focus on weekly cell group bible studies

Sunday School Portal

A full blown Sunday School portal customised to your needs. Can also be used for youth groups or any special mission work. Unrestricted amount of customizable portals

In-App Ordering

Does your church have a bookshop or sell any other merch? Sell these items in-app. Research has shown consumers spend 35% more in an app than they do in a brick and mortar environment

Church Social Network

Your own mini social network where congregants can socialize. This has proven to be an excellent communication channel that really gives congregants a sense of unity and togetherness

Unlimited Push Notifications

Send out any applicable communication and have it delivered instantly. Fine granular control is possible and message groups can be created. For eg Cell Group A, Cell Group B, Youth, Praise Leaders etc

Contributions & Tithe

Easily set up monthly tithe payment through the app allowing congregants to set up recurring payments. Ad hoc donations are also possible and all payments are processed via a secure payment gateway.

Powerful desktop dashboard and app editor

It is the central app management tool that can be managed by those with even limited computer skill. You will be able to edit just about everything in your church app with drag and drop ease and the changes you make are automatically made live via the app stores almost instantly. The CMS (content management system) resident in your dashboard makes changes to your app incredibly involves about the same level of complexity as making a social media post! 

More than just an editor, the interface also provides rich access to user data. How many logins, shares etc etc as well as dozens of user definable studies are all available at the click of a button. These metrics alone help a church understand and better manage it's congregation

Admin Dashboard

Communicate and engage like never before

With the ability to harvest any blog post or social media post, send and receive personal messages, broadcast pushnotes to all or to specific groups, send reminders, send events, start a "your church" dedicated social network, create custom forms and receive feedback, prayer request submissions and so much more...

Your church has never had the ability to communicate quite so effectively before and the stats prove it! Smartphone users:
~ 91% Of smartphone owners have their phones within arms reach 24/7.
~ 71% More likely to act upon a push notification than an email.

~ 61% spend more than 4 hrs a day on their smartphones engaging with apps
~ App usage has overtaken television as the primary entertainment source

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Totally Free CRM 

Church Relationship Management.

At no cost to your church. Ever.
...even if you don't get an app from us

Cloud Church

Church CRM is a modern Church Relationship Management Cloud-based CRM; You don’t have to pay for hardware, server and software maintenance.
The free software is based on the concept of people who are members of families and are also members of common interest groups.
It can monitor attendance, Sunday School, mission work, events, tithes and giving and so much more

No Additional Cost

If your church has an existing website, chances are good that you already have the prerequisites in place, and you can co-host the application on the same servers as your webpage using a subdomain eg

Relationship Management At All Levels & More

Not only does the CRM manage all relationships the church has, be that suppliers, congregation birthdays and Sunday school programs, but it keeps a handle on tithe's and contributions, mission work, special events and due to it's open source nature is infinitely scaleable

Fully Mobile Responsive

Accessible from anywhere using any modern browser! Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Phone compatible - The choice is yours.
Church CRM Features

NB! Church CRM is a free and Open Source blessing for all churches and is a powerful dashboard based management tool. It is NOT part of the App for Churches architecture. App for Churches is an amazing communication and engagement app customized and branded with your identity for your church staff and congregation and is provided at a fraction of the cost of typical custom mobile app development. There is absolutely no obligation whatsoever to have an app developed for your church in order to get Church CRM. Doing so certainly helps spread the love, but remains totally at your discretion. 

engage like never before

No SMS costs, no printing costs, no bulky unread emails

Unlimited push notifications

Free and unlimited push notifications sent directly to the device that your congregation pays the most attention to! Flurry Analytics have published stats that prove users are 77% more likely to take action on a push note than they are upon receiving an email.

Segmented Groups: Send push notes to selected groups only for eg Youth leaders, Cell Leaders, Sunday school teachers or send to the whole congregation.

Geo Fencing: send push notes to a specifically defined geographic region only

Inactive Members: Identify and target members that haven't been around in a while and encourage them back 

Scheduled Push Notes: Pre-write a chain of push notes at your convenience and schedule their delivery. Great for daily or weekly devotionals, tithe reminders or even just a simple heads up an hour before the service to get laggards out of bed :)

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